IT Consultant

Ambrosys is one of the best IT Services Consultant in Chennai. Ambrosys infrastructure consulting services are advisory services that help clients align their IT strategies with their business strategies while improving ability to make informed investment decisions.

Some of our consulting services include:

Infrastructure Services Optimization Assessment: A major challenge that organizations are struggling with in this economy is to bring down costs and optimize their operations. IT Infrastructure Management groups are no different. Ambrosys’s Infrastructure Services Optimization Assessment helps organizations to reduce costs by looking at the five different dimensions of the Infrastructure Services and providing recommendations on how to bridge gaps and optimize the services. The dimensions we look at are Outsource ability, Process Maturity, Infrastructure Maturity, Delivery Maturity and Cost Reduction. The recommendations from this assessment translate into Transformation Projects which are submitted for your approval. In most of the cases these transformation projects are self-funded.

Infrastructure Rationalization, Consolidation, Virtualization: We analyse the potential for you to simplify, standardize and consolidate current server environment and develop an approach for migration to a strategic platform. As a result, clients can identify quick-win hardware and software maintenance reductions while reducing its associated costs.

Architecture and Design: This IT Services Consultant is responsive, simple, and cost-effective. A strong technology architecture foundation is vital to meeting this challenge, helping organizations integrate new and existing IT capabilities to deliver systems with higher quality at lower costs. Ambrosys has experience, business knowledge and technology expertise to help clients create technology architecture that enables high performance. Ambrosys helps customers by understanding their requirements, apply deep technology expertise and come up with quality Architecture & Design in areas of Windows & Unix Platforms, Networking & Security, Data center Architecture, Database Architecture.

Performance Tuning & Optimization: Using a technology optimally to its full extent is the key to high return on investment. Ambrosys helps customers in optimizing and fine tuning their infrastructure with minimal or no further investments.

System Integration Services:An ever-changing IT environment means
a never-ending pipeline of projects involving upgrades, migrations, new technology builds & deployments, product & process implementations and enhancements, etc. Clients face the challenge of peaks and valleys in the workload due to varying resource needs of these projects.

Ambrosys helps its clients address these challenges with flexible staffing for such technology projects at a short notice. Ambrosys provides both project management and flexible staffing services on a T&M basis as well as fixed price project execution with deliverable measured on time, cost, and quality SLAs. Ambrosys’s System Integration Services focus on the build phase of the infrastructure lifecycle and includes:

  • Technology Build and Deployment
  • Technology Upgrade and Migration
  • Infrastructure Validation and Testing
  • Product & Process Implementation
  • Technology Project Management