Storage Management

We offer Storage Management services, be it on SAN, NAS or DAS. We also manage secondary storage management software like Brightstore, Netbackup and TSM. Operational services for these storage products / technologies include:

  • Storage Provisioning
  • Backup, Recovery and Archival
  • Zoning and Switch related activities
  • Storage Replication Maintenance
  • Tape Operations
  • Patch/Firmware Management
  • Storage Information Security
  • Tuning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Report Generation
  • OEM Vendor Management and Co-ordination
Database Management: we deliver secure remote and onsite database management services. Our team of dedicated database administrators provide both Sys DBA as well as App DBA Services – be it the DBMS software installation, database design, tuning or optimization. Our lifecycle approach to Database Management services and our global delivery model ensure clients can quickly and easily transition these services to Ambrosys.

  • Database administration, installation, upgrade & configurations
  • User & access management
  • Space management, backup, restore & archival
  • Database replication maintenance
  • Performance tuning & optimization
  • Patch management
  • Standby database maintenance
  • Clustered database administration
  • Data security
  • Feature usage support
Mid-tier applications: Drawing from our vast application management and support experience, Ambrosys has acquired deep expertise in managing middle tier applications like Websphere , Weblogic, Sharepoint, and others. We are involved in administration of the platform, application code deployment & production support. We offering covers:

  • New installations of middle tier applications & environment setup
  • Integration with other tier applications
  • Platform administration
  • Application code deployment
  • Production support

Security Management

Ambrosys development center is follow the industry best practices in all aspects of IT and Information Security. We provide organizations with a path to defining security policies to help businesses minimize the risk of security breaches and ensure that security policies continue to fulfill corporate, customer and legal requirements, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of both vital corporate information and customer information.

Firewalls:Security in the enterprise is very critical and there is a need to protect networks from inside and outside threats. Ambrosys security management services help customers in managing firewalls like Cisco PIX, ASA, Juniper NetScreen, Check Point, FortiGate, and more. Expert rule and configuration management to maintain device health, maximize uptime, and manage changes.

IDS:The Ambrosys Intrusion Detection Management Service offers 24×7 monitoring of all network traffic. The service acts as an alarm for an organization’s network, setting off necessary alerts when a potential attack is recognized. Ambrosys’s security engineers actively monitor these alerts. By leveraging sophisticated purpose-built technology and unique intelligence, highly-trained, experienced security professionals weed through the security events to identify those that require immediate action, allowing customers to focus their resources where they will have the greatest impact.

IPS:The Ambrosys Intrusion Prevention Management Service offers 24×7 management and monitoring of a wide range of intrusion prevention technologies. Creating and maintaining effective policies is the most challenging aspect of managing such technologies. Ambrosys creates policies appropriate for the customer’s environment using its experienced resources in security.

Vulnerability Assessment:IT security is a critical part of the business. It is very important to know the security risks in the IT environment, making vulnerability assessment a critical and proactive activity to prevent costly damages to business. Ambrosys conducts vulnerability assessments in application security, penetration testing, and more. While providing these services Ambrosys offers Vulnerability testing of applications, Penetration testing of networks, recommendations based on found vulnerabilities, and implementation plans.

In addition to the above Security Management Services, Ambrosys also provides centralized Security Event Management, Anti-virus, and Identity Management Services