If hassle-free and safe hiring is on your mind, Ambrosys can help!

There is no denying the fact that honest, well qualified and trustworthy employees can prove to be your Company’s greatest assets.

With the current unstable market conditions and a rise in the number of employees telling lies in their CV, it has become essential to verify the information presented by prospective employees before making the final hiring decision, thus minimizing wastages in hiring unsuitable candidates and putting the Company reputation in jeopardy.

We need an authorization letter or any legal document before we proceed. We do everything legally and ethically.

How We Do It

Our advisers have devised a methodology for information gathering that our senior retired police officers use it as a model to gather related information and verify them

By opting for our smart Pre-Employment Background Checking Services, you can hire your next prospective employee with confidence and say goodbye to all your recruiting worries.

Our Pre-Employment Background Checks include:
  • Identity & Address Check
  • Education history Check
  • Employment History Check
  • Personal/Professional Reference Checks
  • Criminal and civil history checks.
we provide 2 kinds of verification
  • Classic:
    Includes verifying a candidate’s most resent references check.
  • Deep:
    Includes all kinds of background checks.
Time for the Background Check process?

The process can take as little as 2 to 5 business days for Classic checks on a short number of items, or up to 30 days for complicated records or Extreme service (based on client requirement)